Sunday, January 20, 2013

les gouttelettes de chevaux

renal ancient the quills' pensive
goutish letters are severed
to serve the courtesan's comb corona
its bouquet of trembling sabbaths
whose whelk-kunst souffle of nude spectators
lure the eaters of sparks into levitation
in a latent narrative of rubble
the fat toed shack executing image
avionic son propelled by parasol chair
towards quotidian sombrero pussy
my lo is purr
and harbors oblique dancing abstractions
gardens that join to gazelles
in a hebridean debris of oil
a periscope pops up through the carpet
Pardon me, Mrs. Pissenlits
a temporary bijoux lentil
enacts a coach of phantom baubles
like a brill-cream of demanding indications
and I am forced to generate (lend) a facile root
to their firm cum badges maintaining
a faux faun aux congo condo ala james bondo
a detente of truffles in a telephone of green brie
come dangerous tiger king
and put your disguised string in the fire
while I dispose of your flexing face skin
flower = electrode toad
your dance is invisible
but the rock you carved like a coolie
is worth a wild jig
O hover jug, O hover juice of djinns