Saturday, January 19, 2013

Drab Hack Idyll Adjacent the Universal Sorrow

former reins they think
the droplets in horses
all about the wreath-like cortege
the bouqet of hoofbeats tremble
a few gnarled onlookers gasp
when the sarcophagus rises

for the dark noble head
a tophat each cloud run
with its own clear sun umbrella
these dark quotarian's dust
but the water is pure

slanting across the abstract
gaslight gardens to join
the unbridled grey where it
parapets to ochre peripherial

among the dandelions'
temporarily jeweled lenses
the photonic phaetons
glowed an indication applied
to a slow road easy knees
in subrogation

as now actuarial clasp
leave unhitched the clover
from stem in a green reign
unbound by proud disguises
and laid a brogue conflexed
by a sigil a gigue invisible
and hoarse to the pour