Monday, January 21, 2013

Pastoral Nabe Thing (Walks With Pets and Lover)

trouping lavishly into
the cool blue offset gaw
eye mean
the path rather durable
and the tidy ornamental boscage
much removed from its worldy cousins
the propulsion of line rewards
as empty cubes not ruin-like delineate some
spectral purpose
and their friendly relations with topologies
of topologies
leaves scattered on a synthetic hillock
which calmly coastline
the stately small bunkers of bricks
and the attempts at art in leisure
not subtle but endearing
by their constant variation
the maguey sinister suckerings
within a faint grapheme
vaguely herpetoid
and the contour as svelte
as any currency
if we in our cotton costumes
are persuaded by dungaree degrees
to halt our near measured gazes
to solve some untruncated glamour of puzzles
upon the wisps in their frail declarations
the scent of bacon
in a shadow folding lost aardvark
with yard ark
forget me knots and eagles
astray over sodden flounder
a land not flat to our sighs
suffering much yule in
the mass grove of touching
the land skips
as terraces