Monday, January 21, 2013

Pastoral Dystopian Thing (Walks with Pets and Lover)

fleet and raw
with the airbent prism
a space in which yearning
like a scab of hushed mica boxes
floats on a sea of smaller cube-lings
letters to the celestial editor
and then coming before its trolling monument
its bright hide wide
all questions suspended in their banderolian covenant
a dove seemingly banal upon the corner
where the blankest streets remain
remembering the deveining of crustaceans

warm evenings in a bowl
of plaited images

antic blanks
fired off above the deserted shopping plaza
'dream fair women' as postage
to a lamb undone by luxury
the width of confinement
as freedom to urge

what feastings in cheerful painting
our cool new atlantean parkways
seething with utopian spurs
and why not court
the avid spruce of Professor Land?

ah, no mean pile,
no architect
can own this, but

the rebel whisper remembers

fleet and raw
the lambent prism

gun milk cottages
their enthrottled