Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Piss Urrealism

something strange is happening in the film
an enormous lavender tank of metal has clouds
projected on its side and inside the hammer
which never sounds the hatch too small to enter
but soon the maudit and the blonde arrive
from the cafe' to release the monkey whose little
suit of feathers is delightful as is his twin-horned
phonograph helmet its tiny record like a sun
on the forehead a hypno-disk but the monkey
only retrieves the hammer and so poetry
not being destroyed only glows faintly
like a tank unearthed in the park the gaudy
projector's fan now joining to the man in the shower
singing from the monkey helmet's phonograph sun
inside the lavender sky tank while the enormous
painted papier-mâché baby upright on its wagon
made to look like a cake server the monkey hangs
the hammer from a leather strap upside down
from a hook in the baby's forehead

it is the fake hollow baby now who gazes on
the hollow icon of sky made volume
but there is no sound
the hammer just hangs there
the record plays
the man in the shower sings
the maudit and the blonde
inform the newspaper
of the bayoneting
of the merchant

ellbc it will be
teere the tear
   it it
lcslt likes salt
eiile while the
sene scene
 lg p largely poetry
n ela elates
ud-ar nude art
auo t its audio
g ipi generously paying
ersoe sewn air
séeé with sea
 sasn the season
?eui' of water
?r ea without reason
vvc vivishows
ioh p hope
eia a eons
nrn s of nocturnal
n t knots
ese d eased
ne  e beneath
t time
 t  s time standing
nr  e near
oo  n the moon
uu  s we
sv swerve
 e easily