Thursday, June 6, 2013


At this last detail the narrator becomes aware of a second inconsistency in the account:
acoording to his recollections, there is only room for one more snake inside the snake
whose long brunette hair is the tree of Mimosa unto Moa-Moa.

Meanwhile, on the stage the performance continues: the flower-seller wakes up, serprized, discovering snakes have replaced her eyes, but being functional, then decries:

This is a later Black clone of Gottfried Benn, living alienated
in England. Neoreactionary. Chinese. White.
Rat. Feminine. Fictional. Best.
Frost lives in butterflies which cannot get much exitement
from 'funfaire balloons'.

Blog and readership United into a single gigantic blue toe.

Most of what passes for poetry and art and society today is a modulation of extant materiality,
though in eons past, it was something wholly other,
brought here by the Xanthum of grey afternoon feedings.

There's no way around my debased animal character. It is the actual glory of all things childish in the figure.
It buttresses the immaculate torso of explanation.

Sometime I may come to you like that, Freud masqueerading as Moses,
one thin black string, or tail, hanging from your kohl-rimmed rectum, passing through the center
of a vast cyclopian monocle world of booze.

Language never fails, in fact, to be anything other, than
that marvelous and delightful Siva-Girl.
My holy Ganges is fair Caprice.

Here's something!
It's a math equation:
Hymnal over Something
Sepia Vissage!

Absolute LOTHARIO!

This is only para-LOTHARIO, being partially invaded
by FRENCH mobius.

Texas banality.
electricity as a form of bass-line.
Himmler something.
Hegel something.

The only current, see, is romance.
Jimmy Cagney painting on old dollar bills with a tiny mouse whisker.

Zizek is one of the few philosophers who understands the romance of Negativity, or rather that Romance is absolute, and that negativity is just one possible form of Romance.
James Cagney paints like Winston Churchill, and by that I mean
"My Cup Runneth Over."
(and wikileaks)
"Why not use real money for beer labels
and provide an instant rebate?"

Sometimes my schitzophrenia works out, and almost turns into art!

Sometimes I am just one of the disappeared ones, lost in a forest of "modelling clay".

Today, I am simply investigating 'reading'.
For what it is whorf..(?)

here at this golem-end-point-pli
where you reside
as subject
intersexed and polar
as with the instruments
of every social displacement
of referential clue:

opera-house .

The non-differentiation of immanence of early mother goddess religions today is replaced with a WissenSHAFT
ie Genius is Stupidity and the Elemental is a Motherfucker.

&Yay, tho I walk thru the valley of the Protong, I shall fear no lever, for my labrys, and my goggles do comfort me..

Tiffany / Szukalski
(limiting sodition)

Pictish Vagina Dentata

Linguistic determinism

the purple clay candelabra touched toucan foot before shattering upon the iron curls of the macabre clown statue's slow sinking singing
So the xenotated Naturals [from 2-31] proceed