Monday, June 24, 2013

Two Minds Conjoined By a Spittle of Happy Hands

klook desh fleer
the quonset snake flourished
where platforms hide the arc
old redwood logs split down the middle
and hoisted up on iron cleats
the legs of the snake for minting fresh
klook, lest fear would veer the image off
a diving board at the end into a safely ratcheting gourd
quarry found
a lone emblematic deer hounds high up the final nib like conquest
of the buried pen
his antlers tied with colored yarns in the manner of a racing llama
a foetus curled up sleeping
brown and warm in the hole left by a halved aguacate'

koolk shed reel unrolling yarn
by the thousand pound spread
old Ezra as if
Arcimboldo had piled sea-besmirched animalcules
rays and urchins and sunfish and living goop
up into a veristic bust the collossos of Rhodes
rising from the lagoon in Venice
Veni Vidi Amici
all things sliding apart into images
they are not

noted basil bushes flanking the diving board
basil bushes of a height not standard

and the bare feet
of the little florian child
bony and clean
as replicas

the diver steps expertly
into carved footprints
the depth varying
and the board itself

a lithophone
of phonolite

and the water
all of sounds nous that sad
perfect camphor

culled before the swelling
a metal rhombust

cuts the beast in half