Thursday, June 13, 2013

Exultation in Light

talk talk sweet charlotte
recall of the gleaners
dial until the column's
glue lit breton

until we burned through
her piano playing among
the best fiddlers

in drunken glee
they threw stove lids
through carriage windows
talk talk

ernst atop plywood
is bending the grain
using glue to draw
cape breton's
unravelling music

some letters relative
to the islands
this meaningless world
an affirmation
of substitution

friends at least
of societal glue
carlyle conrad orwell
autumn unamakika

pulp stuffed bamboo
and her tooth kept falling out
we put it inside
to hide
the small ceremony
of divine growth
its arc and lilt
the supreme and
beautiful mood

it exalted
perfectly for-
ment le pleint
á la lei
de sa

sixat tanfit toat