Monday, June 17, 2013

I can't believe Trauma has changed. 99 dollars. "AD"

The labrys does not simply attain to an emblematics of direction, no, but,
in the purview of a holographic emotive system, concludes, for a process
of compromise, for the subject is in no way upon the level of the object,
and the object is in no way concluding in the subject, though this summation
is often sought. The labrys, then, represents, the terrible reality that is the
suspension, the rough road where the determination cannot quite ascend
the steep slope of expectation, for it is not the object and substance of
the universe we find tragic, but is rather, the story of our mind as it attempts
to grapple with that brutal regime of material signs which we have mistakenly
described as our home, and whose systems are their own, and which turn
away from us, as we turn away from ourselves, to face complexity's
uncanny burden. And if there is no room for new human myths in this
alchemical retort world, then there is no room for humanity, for our
bodies are the text of myth, and myth is not fantasy, but the polished
and uncompromising shine of our mind's bewilderment. Myth is the gleaming
of human bewilderment, and as such represents the mirror of dialectics,
for if the image is not dialectical in auto-transcendence, then nothing is,
for nothing, isn't.