Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cellphone Nosering (Down and Dirty)

monocles dance by dirty a blonde w/ crooked teeth makes me hot but my retarded boots are deep blue oceans of cold thinking crystals zaum-like with flechette balconies of flaming bugbear mandibles elegantly tracing your name with buttocks of narrow roses your hips are too narrow to be legal tender if your freckles were my money in a submarine souls ‘in glory’ suddenly need help, their eyeglasses are the heavy glass hands of angels lost in some faraway debate in Chihuahua, perhaps. These glorious souls sit before their desk-hearths, black branches joining, and unjoining around them, in fact, they are miles up into the sky beyond the thick layers of emotion which fertilizes the math of the mattes. this is a landlord with pendulous breasts // this is a reader // your nose diamond is a wobbly liver to historical enthusiasts grovelling among re-apportioned dachas i do not actually own the small plastic bottle but somehow feel responsible for its partially empty remains reflecting the young bottom amazing planes are always on time in temples like tibet secret machine lobster people telephones NOSERING CELLPHONE sexy amoebas with white-haired cell-phones white-haired cell-phones with sexy amoeba beards of transparent lady nuns a grove of fruit tree cell phones surrounding the youth’s sexy ass-monocle a big penis cellphone if a tiny brittle star owns a giant blue cellphone, traverse my cells forever a blue starfish is the most beautiful thing in the world of jet cellphone mollusc people writers a school of cellphone starfish earring people are inside a sexy amoeba jet the mountains below are probably within cellphone range a woman’s nose-ring is a cell-phone and also her baby suckling one of her eyeball breasts a man’s combed hair is close to a cell phone of hair gel a sexy phone cell is giggling i wish she was my nose ring cell-phone baby suckling me-my jet phone cell-call my ideas aren’t cute like cell phones but would like to be sleeping with young blonde cell phone jets a cell phone is a fetiche with a mouth ‘full of baby’s nose-rings’ a nose-ring-tone is on a young blonde jet cellphone with jfk head portrait stickers and josey wales poppies a silver haired cell phone has an expensive earring that seems like mystic judy-ism there is a good deal of sexy young cells inside a negro cell-phone amoeba when i land in an area with alot of cellphone earrings a young blonde josey wales looks at my negro penis cell phoning e.t. if i look at my ipod clocks i am using my eyeball cells the small arabesque is not necessarily retarded flipper-boy lautrec romps in the fishy jungle-gem of the illustrated nous with a cellphone in a dream barely remembered mexican cellphone maids fill my ears to full with nosering cellphones with sculpted ear-shaped afros of microcapillary coffee sponges my cellphone’s earpiece is a penis that slides into my aural canal where flipperboy lautrec paints a cafe’ table at starbucks another prussian found dead inside my hanging garden of babylonian cell-phones prince albert’s pubic afro is hiding a syphilitic cellphone nosering prince albert’s penis is a starbucks’ toulouse brand flip-top cell piercing penis amoeba earring skeleton sexy amoeba jet earrings with starfish penises (starbucks’ brand) my cell-phone’s coffee-flavored penis earring cellphone flipperboy lautrec is shown with two red-haired thumb-headed prostitute nose-ring cellphones with touch-screen face-plate nails in the film journey to the center of my nostril starbucks flipperboy lautrec has forgotten to charge the dyna-white cellphone afro starfish amoeba jet nosering some anglafro-asian starfish cellphones are stored inside flipperboy lautrec’s earcanal arabesque where rude medical equipment salesmen are discussing virility injections while eating a faux-sausage 69 yr old replica of 2 (dos) cloned arnold schwartzeneggers doing 69 each has an afro-cellphone and earcanal nosering an atlantean looking elder offends me: no nose rings! no earrings! no cellphones! his muttonchops reek of simple educational illustrations of sexy amoeba jet syphillis fans of cartier will appreciate the platinum miniaturized cellphone coffin of raymond rousell’s mother’s nosering starfish afro-coffee-drink illustration arabesques of coffee fetishes hot coffee comes pouring through my nosering cellphone an amoeba with a top-hat cellphone ‘too fat’ has a long goatee afro a blonde-haired jet cellphone nosering is belovedly illustrating a starbucks’ ad long ago on the third nosering from the cellphone-sun a sexy jet amoeba was born unto starbucks felix feneon with a suit of compressed coffee grounds took a picture of his penis with a red haired prostitute cellphone’s nose-ear eye breast oscar wilde’s penis’ cellphone was sitting at starbucks when a sexy young blonde earcanal happened by and flashed its contraceptive nosering afro-sponge coffee filter some mexican-style BMW macaroni was talking to a medical equipment sales consultant at starbucks when suddenly WAR! broke out among their noserings (and ring-tones) a sexy young amoeba’s ringtone was working out with a contraceptive coffee sponge when suddenly WAR! broke out between the resort fitness consultants and the starbucks’ medical amoeba prostitutes’ cellphones enough for me and for my fleshly nosering to harken the invocations of my breast-enhancement, when men catch hold upon my shuddering earring laptop and shriek, 'what helping? what hope-bob? what bread, ih' the house louse’s, 'what fire ih' the frosty condo moistener?' there must be some response, though mine fail utterly. this social sphinx’s coloratura colon condo real-estate tax fund shelter polyp extraction nipple ring.. i can remember the exact moment when humanity's cellphone amoeba nosering came crawling out of that primordial platonic fitness center cave laptop's ringtome 2001 an arabesque space ape oddity once upon a time in a sexy blonde amoeba’s earcanal a coffee-flavored penis sponge cellphone fell in love with a mexican-style macaroni BMW’s nosering’s wallpaper a tourquoise mosaic chimu saxophone cellphone with a dorsal macaroni mohawk afro arrayed with nosering lap-top-hats watches a jogger sacrificed at the mexican macaroni-style BMW fitness center the medical equipment sales consultant priest lifts out the microcapillary afro-cellphone-heart which becomes his nosering-laptop a coffee-flavored chimu-gypsy-sponge starfish fitness instructor is sacrificed during the adult-swim period with a saxophone laptop earring a laptop planet earring is sacrificed to a chimu- espresso-laptop taco-style sexy amoeba penis earth is now called simply ‘aztec-style ear-canal’ strange macaroni-style cellphones have been unearthed in my chimu-gypsy afro a BMW-style palm-phone-tortilla shows a jesus amoeba with afro-sombrero laptop an iphone nosering w/ nero wolfe corn flapjack earrings w/ green tomato jam i never get tired of nosering laptops today i am in phoenix at the scottsdale resort hotel in the fitness center, poolside polishing my gay nosering laptop’s cellphone elliot smith in phoenix with suicidal cellphone nosering my ringtone divorced me for using coffee-flavored mexican-style BMW earcanal sponges a contraceptive cellphone sticks its political party’s penis inside a coffee-flavored mexican BMW’s earcanal nosering NOISE RING PHOENIX MONTMARTRE NOKIA LAUTREC VERIZON AMOEBA a fitness center inside a nosering proposes marriage to a ringtone a new satirical journal called pool cabana cellphone proposes marriage to a brightly colored floppy cotton beach hat w/ gladiola cloisonnee’ noserings here it is thanksgiving in phoenix, montmartre chimu and someone is serving syphilitic roast turkey cellphone illustration mexican-style BMW pineapple fountains decorated w/ chimu-maca-roni (poolside) chimu BMW made from maca macaroni a date palm macaroni cellphone sends a porn spam to a cabana lounge chair laptop nosering gypsy fitness sales consultant in chimu-montmartre a laptop is swimming laps in the resort fitness center’s earcanal ballcourt sacrifice area a mexican-style nosering BMW looks on through macaroni eyebreasts a white-haired sexy amoeba cellphone angel invites me into her earcanal BMW where i make love to her penis- laptop’s nosering in exchange for spam fitness vouchers a teva-sandal nosering amoeba and a mexican-style macaroni BMW buy a little fila resort cellphone together and give birth to an elliot smith ringtone with chimu saxophone mohawk two extremely elegant gargling chimu penis fountain laptop gardeners make macaroni noises near the poolside fitness cabana an amazingly giant flipperboy lautrec laurel hardy boys palm tree cellphone looks down over this sexy blonde amoeba sacrificing another coffee-flavored nosering sponge into a plastic water cup mystery steerage committee securitization thousands of illustrations of poolside mexican cellphone gardeners enter my montmartre phoenix sacrifiscal unfitness abcentrisms inside the blue-sky mexican earcanal UTELL UCANAL a cellphone pursues a fitness program with a watery penis nosering in a lounge-chair laptop HEY ROCKY! watch me pull an amoeba-boner aut of my tophat! Daedalus makes a sexy mexanical blonde amoeba bull suit for Queen Minotaur’s montmartre cellphone NO MORE CELLPHONES CELLPHONES NOT ALLOWED CAUTION SHALLOW POOL NO DIVING a sexy little goat amoeba laptop gives jolly rancher pet treat plug-ins to a lexus-old-bald breast enhancement’s starbucks prepuce resort retirement latte’ mocha moo chow puppy a cellphone is tied up and raped and gagged by a nosering in phoenix montmartre chimu an eight year old cellphone has been charged in connection with violent illustrations of loan genet saint uplifting ‘cream thongs’ cephalophores a sexy blonde amoeba gives a BMW frankenstein cellphone a nosering flower ringtone macaroni fitness voucher on her cellphone: ‘my stem was chewed’ //porsche //lexus //mercedes ‘there was no evidence of anarchist sympathies in the commercial courier’ the trees becoming less unknown the courtyard’s quiet beyond judgement they are not magpies these magpies of starbucks who make such beautiful music befoe taking the crumbs of my apple-bran-muffin-style asian breast-enhancement mercedes cellphone stroller the genesis of unending wayward cedars is captured perfectly with this leather clad LG chocolate’s CCD a middle-eastern phoenix chimu starbucks with can-can flipperboy laptop lautrecs displays his labial amoeba cellphone’s latte’ breast enhancement as i watched the hired mexicans trim the bougainvillea my cellphone cradle’s winking led me anarchy is a sexy blonde redhead cellphone amoeba a labial mexi-anglao-afro-style asian breast enhancement’s mocha penis laptop nosering latte’ becomes a fitness center’s can-can cellphone sponge designer’s ringtone maid i take a photo of a lovely mexican among the foliage i cannot help but imagine her as a terracotta cellphone whose nosering babies will one day wear nikes in their mercedes each huge asian breast i have seen today each rosy nipple i have kissed and sucked before piercing~ ~like carrera, porsche rome, montmartre, scottsdale, chimu each nipple is already waiting for its cellphone nosering’s noise being my asian fitness center’s nipple ring has huge breasts i ponder the taut ache-ingly hard gumdrop-like breasts storing their image in my mexican-style terracotta gardener maid’s nipple-nose-ring-tone storage cactus on cheney street asian mercedes how hard are your enormous breasts? i pull up the web on my cellphone and institute a durometric analysis two cellphones sweetly snuggle one is downloading anarchist poetry from crazy-old-tree.com an anarchist cellphone plants a bomb in an asian mercedes nipple ring stroller before it can explode a mexican gardener maid detects it and ‘chews its stem off’ making another nipple-ring-tone for her fitness center’s mothering principle cellphone a beautiful mexican gardener maid shows me her nipple ring i in turn show her my penises’ nosering cellphone with hovering terracotta holo-applets i am having sex with an asian breast mercedes and a mexican-style lexus nose-ring gardener suddenly, my nipple ring’s o/s gets an upgrade which turns off the asian breast mercedes nose ring maid’s fitness center’s breast-enhancement BMW penis though it was happy to use the ‘devices’ of naturalism to attract reader services with drawings of sexy working class illustration amoebas, prince albert’s nipple ring cellphone could not get a date at starbucks, even from a mexican-style breast-enhancement lexus BMW laptop maid sexy illustration of brunette amoeba with cellphone organelles showing their prince albert nipple ring condo’s securitization sitcom genocide lotion’s remote control breast chakra eye bra two financial waitress consultants enter a fitness center to have a meeting one orders a coffee-flavored nipple sponge, the other downloads a lexus-style breast enhancement voice grisaille illustrations of BMW-style sexy amoeba cellphone breast-enhancements practice the quadrille at their lexus-style fitness center’s nosering the endless tracks of the BMW-enhancement-style cellphone amoeba breasts stretch across the desert at the scottsdale seville starbucks, a hummer brand flipperboy lautrec paints a sad anarchist scene of a lexus breast-enhancement mountain’s parking lot illustrations i received an email from an anal amoeba prepuce’s ‘listening to life’ fitness center’s mexican gardener maid nipple ring an old man cellphone in a fitness center parking lot downloads his securitized starbucks portfolio nipple ring a communication strategy initiated by a poolside nipple ring’s laptop manager led to a BMW-style mexican breast-enhancement fitness center’s lexus / mini spam filter ring tone afro a BMW-lexus fitness hotty’s prepuce ring texted my nipple-ring laptop my breast-enhancement answering service’s fitness center’s smart card shark mud sent back a sexy amoeba bomb illustration that was captioned: take the side of these things -france’s sponge a bald poolside cellphone illustration replaced his staff with hotty-style BMW breast-enhancement laptops w/ martini earring cellphones an SUV-latino hotty with asian breast-enhancement cellphones merged with a parking lot gardener tree, garnishing starbucks two sexy amoebas in jogging shoes upload themselves into a cadillac SUV laptop breast-enhancement nosering a nose a handicapped lexus breast-enhancement illustration laptop stopped to get a coffee-flavored contraceptive sponge at starbucks a hummer stopped her and tried to download a spam-illustration scooter packet hawaiian steak house a christmas wreathe nose-nipple-ring-tone hung at the starbucks fitness center portfolio poolside again at the scottsdale resort hotel flipperboy lautrec imagines having two terracotta macaroni-enhanced pineapple penis fountain nipple cellphones ‘rows of empty lounge chairs’ texting ‘concrete planters’ texting ‘luradella’ where the language is ‘gladiola ape bar’ palmtree cellphones download solar spam light an irrigation termination peers from a gravel pit a whiskey sour’s cellphone got a poolside sun-spam-burn 3 handrails are reflecting upon my breast-enhancement’s portfolio ringtone a cellphone nipple ring became aroused watching captain kirk’s flip-top communicator’s loan securitization stategy my martini comes out with a red pimento-style cellphone nipple ring inside the olive in the shared social space of a fitness center’s nosering cellphone a sexy amoeba breast-enhancement’s chahut called ‘shindy’ dressed like a dairy product’s milkmaid and bounded about like a little goat with the noise of her breast-enhancement milk can cellphone’s ringtones clinking like lexus mercedes-style hoof-textings a lexus gives a BMW a hummer which i photograph with my nosering cellphone for my derivative loan securitization illustration portfolio laptop two laptop loan securitization portfolios have sex in my nosering fitness center later i view the dividend breast reduction surgery aspect at starbucks in my hummer handicap old man golf tumor penis solar spam gives my breast-enhancement lexus mole a cancer illustration voucher for starbucks a ralph lauren-style starbucks amoeba cellphone mercedes spoke quietly to a desire designer’s mexican-style gucci buff biff squiffy iffy hummer latte’ laptop’s ringtone nipple penis couture its ‘furias’ like a froth of cultured pearl gastropodal prepuce laptop securitizations i am having my mole removal breast-enhancement done at the scottsdale lexus BMW resort golf portfolio illustration by dick cheney’s cellphone flipperboy laut-wreck’s silent fins of fin de si√®cle BMW maid-enhancement retract into his breasticles an erection’s laptop nosering downloaded a stategic illustration’s BMW starbucks coffee-sponge porno hedge fund nosering vibrator a hot lexus can-can’s aluminum breast-enhancement coffee-lingo nipple surgery litigation downloaded a mercedes erection latte laptop wig’s fitness center earcanal hummer with aztec software hard-on an s-shaped hair in the cellphone toilet illustration’s laptop prepuce-breast enhancement lexus amoeba jogging shoe nosering the soft winds make a gorgeous sound through the lexus prepuce mercedes breast-enhancement mexican yew cedar resort latte’ laptop branches a blonde redhead brunette amoeba cellphone’s breast-enhancement BMW sends spam to my nosering’s laptop car dealership’s restaurant fitness center’s mexican-style macaroni maid a toothy pseudo-asian sex act’s laptop shares a nosering latte’ sponge with a hot brunette amoeba couture’s pseudo-anglo-afro labial securitization litigation porno spam designer frankenscience murmyrrhing tome and amber a continuously mutating sexy amoeba fitness center fountain’s cellphone nipple ring is looking for 3-way dial tone action with a mexican-style BMW hummer’s breast-enhancement penis and blonde nosering laptop cellphone instructor’s mexican-style prepuce spam illustration a bougainvillea nipple maid laptop lends me her lexus nosering tone while my labial latte’ fitness center’s breast-enhancements have their morning coffe-sponge loan securitazionts a mexican-style penis amoeba meets a laptop gardener’s ring tone’s breast-enhancement lexus a long dong starbucks breast reduction lexus securitization serves a laptop latte’ to an overly religious vitamin cache’s hotty blonde amoeba shoe couture a mercedes amoeba hotty cellphone is left near the pool cabana’s laptop amoebic nipple enhancement hummer a strangely bengali hummer laptop amoeba latte’ goes into a designer fitness center’s spam spa orders an anglo-nosering’s breast-enhancement’s smoking porn latte’ lipring only to have its asian nail decorations securitized by a pseudo-hindi starbucks manager’s phasmid nipple ring cellphone mantra mantis’ antic’s manic anal banalitease a resort hotel laptop nipple dancer gives a hummer to a ringtone’s bougainvillea bargain BMW mocha latte’ love nest condo a robustly erotic starbucks hummer amoeba sends a get well quick soon card spam dyssentary breast enhancement criteria manager’s cellphone nosering’s bible lexus beautician maid lipring an anglo-mexican laptop nipple’s white-haired cellphone amoeba retires to the scottsdale starbucks fitness center sponge contracepcione’s mexican earcanal labia a biblical amoeba resort hotel’s cyclops noise flame ghoul head curtain pattern appeals to a sexy young fitness instructor’s ziggurat laptop nipple ringtone hanging gardener laptop gallows sponge icon-removal system STARBUCKS CHIMU NIPPLE PHONE THE SCOTTSDALE CELLPHONE POEMS SCOTTSDALE RESORT HOTEL [UTELL 5009] a revolution latte’ was started by a BMW-style lexus nipple ring condo’s earring fitness center laptop amoeba and finished by a geranium’s email faced penis-enhancement’s cellphone’s first person ‘shooter’ called ‘a roar of leases of prepuce securitization-style lexus texticle enhancement condos’ which was udderly degerbillitating and especially nosering cellphone call router errors in my low dairy maid bouncy goat hoof latte’ text enhancement’s ‘your turn’ ... ... ... ...

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