Friday, June 21, 2013

Gratis Faun Foam and Belchwater Elegante' (Gryllus Fizzle the Stude and Voirade the Vaudefilliste')

for shroof von eidenhirn
do the cavities sterch hinther
their bibbubbled bells a sweeurlon touch bit
beak hollow waytheewareling kiffcoff osset to a bridge of birds
lifting itself my sentense between the valconies hedges
parrot cups keeping repeating feeti fetti constant
unstant its inst-prop-teller going honk sward by the inible dellfen
murshi honshi bolus

the hallucina green or what we say

the solid green radish of a tooth
soft to carve and craving the transparent flint feather
from the dual chin flange
these two quill go out from the side of the jaw
like pheasant origami steel
but glass white or cloudy milky jade
the eyeballs spinning 4500 rpm

revolutions per moment
the head as controlled as a sieve
strangely weighted by commerce with a supernatural voice
of velocity

the gyre of its langue is sick but begins a spinning of white hot spartx
which mark the paper walls of the floating house kite
nothing as real as nothing
nothing as fantastic as regret

the cold or ever warming solstice of its heart
is a hole in purpose

high up so that the citizens are sucked off
then sucked out
kicked out to the faun of space
by a hollow shroof filled thumb
the butt of a regal visionary blankness

the lithop toe of divinity
which idly snirks from nowhere
out of frames of burning glass flowers
smoothly conticulating armadillo insectoid armorlings
like smoothly involmultotuing letter
which war even before the voice of the word is born
its name an elegant figure of interconnecting door shafts
like hairs kissing secretly before the monster judge of geometry
which like a jug
is bandaged and helmeted
and sits there drunkenly bemused

skyballs crossed
for burning water

oh my dank confusing parasol
my never never sewing shine makes

wigmanta slides and skitters
the whole earth process like a rooster tale

that ominous V like yellow torque of beak
that infinite tininess
and the whole belch of star delicate machinery effaced
for the ominous structure of what is there
is here
discretely mixed and
by commerce controlled
as if by birds lifting evolutions slides

and honshi thumbs as sucked insectoid armadillo hedge parrot cups'
osset sterch hinther their glass white voice of beak that infinite process carve
judge of spinning cold purpose hot regret the tale that yellow dank confusing
constant unstant its sward a spinning hollow monster feather from quill go
blankness the lithop two mark its machinery effaced for supernatural flowers
smoothly what is star

delicate regal itself
my steel but rooster valconies nowhere
out of by ever jug is before velocity
the toe of word
craving real
there is the whole up of its whole earth bridge
aside of chin flange these with so high butt of war even
walls touch the heart to a visionary torque
'of like a hole' sense

between waytheewareling kiffcoff born its drunkenly bandaged
warming going fantastic

skitters the begins
the voice dual ominous eyeballs floating house V like name armorlings
like smoothly moment head green or eidenhirn

a downy brain on jade chicken talons
its eyes the dead coins cut from poet's tongues

do out from space by bolus
the hallucina gyre say
the solid nothing nothing as inst-prop-teller shafts
like hairs bemused skyballs crossed for the divinity
which idly there per tooth soft to sieve strangely

peasant origami of the cavities
of the interconnecting door burning glass
that snirks from solstice

of the what we
the faun structure
of involmultotuing letter langue

elegant figure of a feeti fetti bit beak weighted never sewing
honk off then inible dellfen murshi sucked out kicked
milky jade the spartx
which kissing secretly
to a sweeurlon shine
makes wigmanta my
of burning water oh
keeping repeating citizens' parasol
my never bibbubbled bells helmeted
and sits green radish the paper before
or tininess ponderous odd and is by commerce
the ominous sick transparent flint geometry which
like belch cloudy shroof filled white
a shroof kite nothing
as here too
as frames of conticulating jaw like hollows
this pernicious

awful yammering
of molecular beatitude

hau its=cling to ink black leaves
ladders the abstracked cowl-drum