Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Why I stay on LSD.

The Collected Poetry of Malcolm Lowry

two carboys connected by a naval collar form the cyclopian cornerstones of the table / their contents are unknown (wine, oil, garum)?

At one end of the arrangement (the larger carboy) a blue lapis guardian stands his legs and arms become a single enormous hand which reaches

under the length of the construction / you can see his blue fingers curving upward around the smaller carboy

his head is reduced to a complex sliding socket, a cavity which holds a bone like object whose flared end is captured in symmetric travels /

the free end of the lever seems phallic but not overtly so / in fact / the unit might be a pipe for smoking / the hot end becoming visually

the mouth of the guardian

One imagines walking up and sucking smoke from the side of its head / that smoke then being its speech

but visually something else is going on, the pipe trapped in the socket is also on of the horns of another figure

a decadent minotaur typist who bows at the waist over the carboy table

the keyboard is laid seemingly haphazardly across a complicated sink or tub which is installed atop the carboy setup, rendering this

not so much table as 'totemic sink desk' or bureau d'évier totémique a gap for linguistic play in several languages seems apt

the minotaur's body is reminiscent of a tube of toothpaste (tub / tube)

There is a flanged groin ring which captures seemingly in the IO conduit of the keyboard which made of metal perhaps

leaves the screen vertically and resembles the architecture of bridges. in fact, it resembles an elongated "Aleph" of stylized bull-head A

The keyboard had a ribbed rubber cone, or touch nipple which seems prescient seeing as how the painting was painted in 1972

The blue guardian's groin flange "plate" is laid around a fang-like extrusion of the keyboard, and the blue guardian seems to be

laying his penis across it, but the connection is obscured by an ambiguous instrument

this instrument calls to mind certain ideas of tensegrity in design

At one end it has a primitive foot, like a pipe head, the other, in a more campy turn, is a pointed arrow head, to accompany the minotaur's

devilish red cartoon color

The horn which the minotaur shares visually in a pair with the lapis guardian is connected to a bone ring which is threaded by a prehensile

nose / which sniffs the ambiguous penis atop the keyboard plate

And the blue guardian himself may only be another version of the totemic sink turned upright / being rendered as some "shift" in perception

coupled to a shift in purpose

Please judge a book by its coven.