Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dumb Stains Partially Removed

saturnat tangent
the negative vittle
tagged djinnerative

to what degree
do wide flanged pipes
see through
sacred stems

how long is the
comm ought schone
to computer
you dry the sphere down
to a leathern berry
it would shy the head
for a headband's

no galaxy obsolete
or if led to empty gray halls
debris fields toward the silver

or the pink hypercue
of its projectile tusk analogs
housing the replica train apartment

telescopic braziers
for porch
and tribute
to the final

our all black velvet jumpsuits
our all black velvet masks
our all black velvet shoes
and cravats

our all black velvet lampshades
our all black velvet walls
our all black velvet librairies
kitchens, shelves, and balls

now is the time
to scan the coffee grounds

now is the time
for holograms
suspended in glass scimitars