Friday, September 24, 2010

Here COme the Keystoned POPO

cables slither in the shallow water
where the rumpot kuchar grows

o delight
ode to light
your severed hand flowers bright
the theft of hermes sacred to the chao
of tao

or taurine blight
its labyrinth of garbage pale
in the moon lipped

night soil glitters
and the po po rummage
for a crook
in the wee

the house is snoring
the whole house
and she dreams

of skinning hogs
in a factory
blissful dreams

my armpits house
odd bulls made of starfish
whose bodies are the castles
for even stranger cousins

gurgling heads that stand up
on beards of green spaghetti
like prairie dogs
on a wheeled dionysian schooner




The Himmel Allahs go to proper Gandhi skulls
with Tibetan holograms:

"A whole gale of wind was blowing, tearing up the surface of the main street. Except for two policemen holding hands and a dog whose hind legs were paralysed it was deserted."

Tastes like Cocaine from a tennis shoe,
the shaggy doge story,

This Mexican Hairless Doge then had to come in
and set the teeth on edge:

lance la tête
avec son symbole final

lance le symbole
avec ses bolus comme la tête

si la tête est une mésange,
quel est son message?

mil * k

"Fraisage en permanence?"