Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Meine Sorry Integer Have Say Reefoo

dees reefoos and day heavy yokes
gona git dem em on down
dats like a skinned rabbit for a mask

poon poon poon
odess omming snocker
dees reefoos and day heavy yokes

the heavy skull hang down under
the lighter one up above
hangin on the chin

she poot the poon
dees reefoos gona git em en down om
dats a skinned squirrel part for the ear

noopy on a roof peak
the keep of the yellow bird
dees reefoos come in her all over the cmoti

light em up
and let day black cat scrhyle
the undus walks alone from day chin

like a blind made of jawbone
just twist the stick
and out come all the photon jellybean

newt the tuba
root the woon
roof the skinned femur prick

big stack of hobo
light em up
dees reefoos and day heavy yokes