Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tapiocalory Fiasting Regimenial

Unfast, not safe; not secure
Mano Myn found knowes
& steppes tobreddes
for farrant will'd onfystial

sprats rickets toward
a lamb tilled cloud
them lemon paste bilt up
for tuppence down'd
and dowry'd ups all a
froony near-faun to
bed its sailor scroll
to a pent stable

Unfast, not safe; not secure
Mano Myn found knowes
the rubber band or clan's
destiny not for clothes
closed shows for them
that paste their wide grins
in a nichey rail to flee
from magnet's grace
in a hinder pale built
for sly tinder
in a bonnet's p-pipe

axles sprount wily-nihil
and the wheels floorish
tread the mule

old sports
cooling heels
in a gallows of candy
and boorish replaints

dads fairy the tooth stove
where the green billys
slave to luxury's kin

men are built
of cherries
and din

wombs can slather
the moist chances
with few and feud

rumpled petty-coats
lift into mountains of cred
a pentace for the pentacle
or ponstaxle's poon

nurbs are modern
and bright naked male chests
link into pink hyboreal choirs
of sewing swings

hover-craft sewing machines
spit baroquial phanderules
and in our silk slipper pontoons

we surf and cabole
caitiffs swlagging our burly brers
where the lompony poolys

tree a fonder she-she
and our crystal dugs in migration
wept jolly sone-mi

how look these odd accoustremeants
where the creatastrophy
phonies its money's

pentad swmarmilot
camel heads
come poking out of green gondolas
to frit the walrus'

slurpy awe sum