Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kinslictive Narface

paradox as
photography prove
gorgeous abstraction
is the real
unspooling water
along the coil
venturi entry
the circular influence zone
around the magnetic cube

some defiance in the field
inclination set
or setting's inclination

by sample said to

we construct for example
a trick scultpure called

"The Harlot Tree"
whose fruit are beautiful
and one may have sex with them
though they are scarcely alive
but then what one considers sex
may be in terms of art

by a determined

yes / sey

the y's, or the wise
drop out leaving
the lating term

esse 'to be'

And there really is no asking why,
or there is, but as Shakespeare amply proves,
being is already rhetoric.

the two legs become one

yes = 0 or 1
sey = 0 or 1

either way, structurally
one can be said to be the chiral, or structural,
opposite of the other

sey = -yes

in this system, and the system is semiotics
there is no "no"
because every answer leads to further actuation
the structural calculation of matter has no ending.

It is in this way that the analog has always been digital, and vene vidi vice virso.

Let us p-ray:

Projection of projective emanation,
notion our actions' commotion to summon
the common numen, and let our hyle
go on awhile where the leisure of dying
is brightest to the clue.

Let sluicing remains hyle the dew,
and take answer to begin its never finished
few, or feud, lord, they know knot wot they do,
for in an infinite series, there is only serious comedy,
only coral choirs of oral eros, only sore balllonsidom

modally round
and pleasant pheasants
peasanting the golden mire

ode mirror to its call
we call
lack you anything
or are fille say filles
this mal

hon son or T whale connective
nor or no?

sey yes
to seas of