Sunday, September 26, 2010

Primitive Sketch Blogs Move into Haute Crea-toure Contry

as she rummages through interconnecting ponds,
the hand's head has a retort-like helmet

ancient animal finger worms
say Roman names to egg pouch oars

a heart retort helmet
which is the peace sign
given to a canoo

the blank grey odorless organ
longs for the crimson shag
of the canoo bridge feeder

the crimson hag canoo
folds up its bridging
as it is given peace
among the solo pages

short circuit
ling lone
the lone line lings its

hoses connect to the helmet
and then to the canoo
shaggy organs hover
where interconnecting bodies
mist the mote

lovers are shaggy crimson dew

a top-hat of dust
has a belt of poison laurel seeds

the gift of red lacquer
of a red lacquer short circuit
that squirts the
lining of its wig-coat
to procedure any page it shags

a canoo hangs on the wall like a lantern
"old hat"
inside the illuminated organs peer out

rotisserie eyeball halo

creatures that look like beaver slag
monkey about damn
in the theatrical pond space
like gladiators wearing an armor
of rubber frogs

hogs in togas
cannot see the wondrous
leafy helix tree
and the airconditioning

Manuel Noriega (Ouija recorder music) and
Mother Theresa are making love
while Hitler looks on

Vampire Hitler as Little Red Riding Hood.

has lantern saddle
with heaving lung
saddle bags.

no can shape
should bought to harl
in the deep lime green
of its mystical mantis
temple prance

look at all of them lining up
in the cool and hopelessly beautiful morning

everything so hopelessly cool
and shatteringly beautiful