Saturday, February 11, 2012

And cloven dogs come running to the masterless. weegree hexplosiont.

flend for sou(k)
and dugong, une
minne wath uther
filely revoon fuffaun

in the realm
of their sky-blue plates
the deaf and malicious garden keepers
of joy, their carts rumbling out
with skitterkind wildhaired
to ape the koala in the breezy
horn, our whole large estate here
is a comedy upon which the sisters
thorn and rummage to that bizarre
and goddamn nugget at the center of the fountain

that hideous deformed thing
which is after all a beauty
or a mineral diorama
into which such secret fungi has fled
our circus brethren
with their feet like tangled sticks
and whistling sailors shipweed to the

purple laurel
the koala eyepatch of fugu fin
its thin white donkey avatar stream mates
are icons under pillows
we creep toward the yellow light
from under the clutch of fern trees
listening for the creaking of their
slow orange cambersoules
so thickly drugged are our tongues

our bodies so pickled in purple shiso
our pink tusks sunk to snuffling
in hot blue cake
our blow holes
rushing stones

to Diana replicate
our perimeter guardians
are a hundred thousand antler suns
running on ridge tops
with mitts or big guns
the sloppy awful sluggers
go to tearing out the honey combs
to glean a crystal wheepling

for the Observateur

its heavy soft grey camera
and supplicant

flend fash soop
agok long sphire
medibeem bome doun
narthro ombalifip putro