Wednesday, February 1, 2012

La Menesunda (Paracormic_

Murk is down for the time
It’s down (Panflecosa)
And at the vertebrae there are two screws
But the cable is threaded
So sing, Morokoron
To your spherical tarn
At the center of the storm maze
Where the fountain of eyes
Is two loose screws
For the murk
It’s down (Panfletaria)
Where the vertebrae rises up
Through the water’s vyyhti
To increspare (incrementally repair)
The dampnum
The shaft is smooth
Damp and numb
And the storm haze heals the mark
Left by Ludivigo
On its journey to the stramazzaria
Where the brain corm
Shelters the aestimatio’s

Waldo, structure, doubt and property.