Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hail Hydra! That Foam Snake of the Air..

If the soul’s swift snake
that faith has given her
for the beard faith reserves,
so that by flying with them
she may ascend
to the fang of glory;
if grace achieves
heaven and they occupy the sea,
since they are so great
that the snake will produce most beautiful,
that they will produce most pure,
oh, blessed be their feathers
that fly and glow
through the vastness of stars,
mountains of foam!

At once snake and bean
with white and black feathers,
let them be snails and wrythings;
you fly through gulfs, glow the heavens.
Fly, snake, and of the air,
you dwell in multiplicity,
for, hungry for splendors,
you make the sun so great your gaol.
Glow, beansnakefang, for you possess
the felicitous north star that may lead
to the port of hope,
that generous faith of yours.
Fly, then, gloriously,
extending your fortune; tune forked,
a noust will it build among the stars,
adding many more to heaven.