Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Justice For Noise!

Life's sample is great
A clearing on the sun is ruled by a sweaty nose
But the bell-shaped nose has died away
The morning passes the light all through its nostrils
My head is a pink conch's pearl
And the chamber I inhabit is pink nacre!

A luminous ray surfaces
In a single petal of laughter
My juice which joins the hallux
Restrains those who wish to dig
Within the very motes of its sanguinity.

I sing flies
Ah, but aren't I a troll?
My weird smithy wizened upon winds
Lunches everywhere in the naked poem
Which departs [shucks] into professional halma
A corn froth around jade ears

Listen I’m crazy
I’m laughing at feet stuck in the stairway
Before the great wide open dome (T's PD ala KK)
In the squeaky sunshine
At the mall amidst green hotties of slithering kudzu
And my arms are stretched towards you like snakes

It’s today that I love on you
using halomancy upon your peter.