Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tri-Corne Tripping the Light Fantastic

and there I am in my big Klein blue
fuzzy bathrobe up from nightshift day sleep
holding the blind paint calico kitty pony
and having a white ice mint Nicorette 4mg gum
stacks of handmade marbled endpapers
pink and sky blue and black
Dr. Doolittle and the zombis of Atlantis
that orgy of corpses with their miniature
pink dolphins in their false keratin stomach retorts
somebody's watching Boogie Nights
and enjoying Burt Reynolds
maybe on an alligator farm
and i have a pair
of black alligator cowboy boots
not 25 feet away with a thin Humwawa layer
of dust

the eyes of old Sumeria
round like green virus beau d'arc apples
from Oklahoma
just find any contemporary indie guy
sweet as Elliot Smith but no
the plexiglass odalisque
is a lava lamp
John Holmes

the mechanism of success is too pure
too abundant
the irony of a rural Perry Rhodan
still sick it's colder today
i'm waiting for something to change inside
but mire is ever folding
i burp up sage oil again
i'm only a Klein blue daysleeper
looking at black branches
through Venetian blinds
playing solitaire
sassy squirrel deputy of the Alhambra
start car ars
tales of a traveler

ripe vain twinkle