Saturday, February 4, 2012

A paean To Hermes' Mechanical Forms (A Tronity)

and it is war
til all the end of time
nestled in its hollow brow
sheltered by the mellow bough

the city of synanthropoi
a leapleaf glinting high up
the wind column of probability
where unlikely sunsets bathe

seeds twisting shadow's
wringing hands
the war
softly nestling
the young in nascence

tithe me
oh hopeful clan
of beamlings
whose frank skins
will the articles of seeming

and from value
to virloo
we'll water over

and from piss
to pi-snake
we'll gamble the air
for form

whatever normal's
the beaker melon
the soft edible head
of its beacon
the crotch where the beak
hides the tender eye
in the hurricane of skeins

go down to sloppy midden
O shining gall of fury
none shall string aver the trite concordance
its continuing feeler

palp the terrible plain
in pain's sight
your glory
is not forbidden

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