Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sirēnas galvenokārt darīt neko visu dienu.

Their mouths are embryos,
Sirens, boats, and acceleration
Through the lips unlocks lanterns
And hips, the tiny cubes of air
Assembling into wavering helices
Of salute.

Ulysses, as the Schmoo
Is impaled upon the mast,
And the only song the sirens
Bring, is the sound of gulping,

Alas, Stephane Mallarme’,
Your coral crusted skeleton
Puts on an inflated coat of jellyfish
While the dock stares dumbly
At the sky.

Coterie, becootsie, coots,
Puss in boots, a Euglena
Is like an autonomous
Brain-vagina hybrid

Mon har wan
Vee tong rada

And lived in the old colossus for years
Web foot enoki Rambo chiller
Tooting pensively
The emetic coupe of Dis
Is very regular,