Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Loin Cloth of Midnight's Hollow

toward its headless collars
the rush of bulbs in a diagram
here the zig zagged flange oval oral
there the minister
of blazing bliss and reason
above the hurtling froth
one frail eye in the curtain
of the meadow to ward
the built environment here in
days long past
might be called a plaza but
now the gas is gathering / mist
this echoey place / where
there the minister / whose beak has no
solid color in the night of all interesting harangues
i sit in such subtle hues
striped and hugged by solemn tole lights a tome
of thick grey concrete collars and ovals
the plaque which is of seven panes at least
the hologram of its screeching (lobometry)
/i implore you/ distant explorer/
your throat as of a golden fungi
through which trills the long and fleecy cricket's
turning /novel
a bird / whose inhuman speach touches close
in some cochlear place the omen
of the echoey plaza
now in her mantilla
the haughty laugh
the kohl cat calmy assays
what uterine hysteresis returns the wave
to the ordinary bushes near the parking lot
a perfect crimson pearl
to hover in its collar alone
inside the neck of the stark white bust
a button, then
a grey euglena whose white clover
curls around every surface in the cave
its hollow echoey frame, its hollow
to hang forever in space
a fine place foots its function joyed / fang the
turnip toy of owling poots and mewled
the striped dark environment of its head
jeweled sutra / suture-nature
cannot mute the curling stranger's bed
in a bank the hologram of sound in a sheet
the diagram of all glass panes
(holo)spring the bouncing wave between
i sample / each supple bird
to ram the transparency and die
a happy perfect Moravian
/can this intervene? / soft round perfect echo
the tome of dark leaves / i sit near the bank
(spleen or plenum a' pli)
in the animal of night eating / what's right is the holding
forth its fine tight shadow to the flame
curr to candle (remain
and mutt(er of mother's coo
Minerva in a plastic face grown cool for sprinkling
the hedges have their tiny echoey infidelity
the loving nugget a favorite string is held in the air
by a kiss / and helmet your damm man oval
shallow oval above the sere collar of stone
its echo is the singing bird
whose home in endless eaves
reflects some sea (whose gown to reach the angled road
or rod or ruin [cloven uprising tower]
a prairie day
hot the spider's body almost boils
the green blade now crisper in its den
the mocking once again (trifolium gryllidae(
minister of bliss / i know your name

not reason's echoey plaza
i resist / oh how the empty
magnets the wondering fits

oh how the hovering lanterns blaze
i touch your hollow form
in a purple mirror