Friday, February 24, 2012

Avenue of the Crenellated Mermaid Leaf

I found my own heart disturbingly closed
But humourously so
Because my own true crimson brain
Was a brain of lava
Its veins of fire contained the thinkings
Of the ages

A puppy drowned
And was found
By an old woman
Who did not mind the algae
On her hands

And whose song was lyrical
And sad
Inside the puppy
Had been the whole green earth
The supernova of brain and mind and love (infinite love)
Some transgression
And a tea

I began to open my heart
And out popped Medusa’s head
Her snakes replaced by strings of sausages
And her demeanor like that of Scrooge
On Christmas morning
But how the little stone children carrying geese
Do pile up.

Oh Pandora! Your teeth whose tiny feet
are pink as alabaster and fragrant as soap..

Oh how I wish to wrap your fragrant soapy stone teeth
In my purple batwings, and monogram your heart
With glow-in-the-dark floss.

I found my own hurt.
I did not like it to hurt, but it hurt very badly.
Algae, bra, is lyrical, just as the absolute
Must be combinative.

Venus wearing clamshells
As ornamental knee pads.

Drinking tulsi tea
From a sea shell
And being in love.

Pandora and me,
And Romantic Abstraction
And the supernova lava brain.