Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Go Figure..

You ever notice how that thing with Breton and Vache' is sort of like that whole thing with Tony Alva and Duane Peters, or maybe it isn't Tony Alva exactly, but you know, there were the skate punks that became legends, and those that made a living, and some were both, right? You can even see this in things like maybe Alexander and Diogenes. There's a myth in that I guess, or a lesson. What's called failure and success are determinations based on some sort of basic junky criteria. Diogenes turned that upside down, as I guess Vache', Artaud, and a host of others did too. No Artaud was a wack ass junkie. Total victim, and grumpy to boot. Put in Artaud as Vache' and maybe Lacan as Breton. aww, That makes me chuckle. Personally, I think it sucks having no economic freedom, but the middle path is to have some economic freedom, but also some personal fredom as well, where you don't have to be a pawn and mouth some other group's viral bullshit your whole life just to keep your pool filled. So does that make Charlie Sheen the new Vache'? Probably not, but it's funny to say so. Who cares anyway. The Earth is so ape infested at this point, that humanism is a joke, just substitute the term 'pollution', and rebellion is a joke, just substitute the term 'work'.. I kind of like the Matrix idea, you just hook your brain up to a fantasy generator and weee! I'm back on the couch! Movietime! yeah! The comic Supergod has a pretty good take on things. Nobody will do the evil fascist killing that needs to be done to correct human reproductive miasma, so each superpower creates a chaotic morally relative Superbeing, and they just capriciously kill everyone or just generally fuck everything up. Wild! Comics, people, is where the real philosophy is being done today. The careerist linguaphiles like Zizek and the rest are fun to read, and they have important things to say, but it doesn't take an intellect the size of the sun to analyze and diagnose the problem. Life is fucked, because it is outrageously complex and more or less physically a bad idea. It's sad, but incredibly funny really. Thought-provoking anyway. And I do sort of dig Mallarme's prissy Aesthete's 'impotence' and meta-theory.. Everyone is trying their best, but the crotch, the crotch is what will deck the monster of the ages, not that sad old grey mashed up piece of chewing gum called the human brain. Heidegger correctly critiqued Nietzsche when he said that just like as in metaphysics where 'being' is always vacated, N's nihilist being is also vacated, which renders the difference between nihilism and metaphysics nonexistent. Doh! Being is an affect of a particular local organic complexity / singularity. Our institutions will have to reflect an infinite assymetry slash singularity approach if any of our collective 'imperational' designs are ever to be "corrected".. or it could just be that Tinguely and Deleuze had it right, All machines in fact run, or work, as a part of their own general non-functionality or auto-destruction. In alchemy, the human body is seen as a map of the cosmos, and that still holds pretty well. Alchemy says it straight up. Body. WTF?

"There's no solution. We are the problem."
Thanks Duane, I think.:)

If it looks like fashion. It probably is.
(and that's fine, reallly...)
And if it looks like terra-forming?