Thursday, March 1, 2012

MAN EAST ERROLINA (Ozzy Gerrymandering As Ion)

An Gebildeabbruch
Poesits a Fingaloda…

The shield of clouds
And meteor sword
Part to reveal
The Car:

Like a smooth golden missile
With sets of flanking appurtenances
On either side emitted from complex ports;
Molten red seahorses above whose heads
Float brobdingfauxnagreus pearls of ice
Held aloft and magnetically positioned by dissolved
And saturated metallic salts, and hollow
Chambers of compressed helium.

Along the dorsal median, there is a trough,
Through which arises the spirit of Fingaloda,
An aqueous metallic wave of sentience
Whose texture is that of thousands of ancient
Screaming bearded heads clustered close
Like beads. The form rounds upward and forward
Like a fang, and the tip is a single blue spherical diamond,
The dew drop known as Mog.

Its method of propulsion is unknown, but its exhaust
Is countless silver threads, as thin as spider web,
And brittle as ice:

mesmer mass-mer
made lore spoked
the terrible
vader desevered ho
celtic wookie palps
brine pouch cunnilinguslungwhorltaboolaughia
lao tzu dasein cum gesu of nasal thrones
geezer of the narrbelungenlied
nahren peed la scorchie cumulus
vector comacho

el poucho
pong fang
emersonian eyebaal paddles
to steam tom huckleberry
soppy paddy dresses steaming
foot bone porcelain
triceratops organ week festoon
super juarache' namor
all black sphere pearl city
atlantean womb library
holy dread honeycomb
whose ink from waxy hexacatombolo
is skin cubicle waddling carpenter john arctic
hyperamoeba mammoth
wookie emerson eyeball hydra whose skinless red skull
desever vader vedic helmet mountain pathos succoring
avocado leather cunnilinguispouch
your ruby droopy mesa cameras astronomy domine'
mercury paramecium vagina monument your slip
cover tea cozy ozymandean ossuairy
snake launching fluted chin bone
floonk floonk skeet skeet
carbonarra cupissidity
picasso blue karate kid
touching beach woman
ogre sea snail elevator
FN fishing out old FINGALOKI's odor eater
soggy hog skull mask
a crippled mouse's day

street crime
perpetrated by Hindu
temple monkeys
teeth bared
handfuls of crimson spaghetti
milkweed pearls
its glass simian mustache ascendant, qued

oudemian daimon
all dread
its coal golem cringing
obsidian futhark
in night's silent howling wombrayne
innan agrafty
precipitin unannounced
agar and agon
raga nougat

oud-stryder bashi hash-bezook
how Ge
sought the thorned port hole
in golden carcasses
pan-fistule aboritory

hyle-a-ge' (holey)
gorybantic ore

Calotropis and Datura

a hardy langue
the virgin window

The pollinia
are attached
to an adhesive
glandular disc
at the stigmatic angle.