Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An Gelid Console (Manoever Exubhaltis)

In the deep meniscus of its toy, toilet, toil, the white opposite
Of its blue yolked eye (unseen as corneal sac) lies
The jade trilobite, angel pendant to a mortal sluice, or icon
Hinting to philter

Star lilies given by the idiot savior of all space
And time
A scent comes to the skein
Siamese twin falcons joined by their helmet of blindness

By their leathern qabbala

If om is now descended
To a carving of genius animal (edible lymph

Anomaloy (As An Heroic tale: Homunculi at Proprio
It touches all as Midas, and all becomes touch, touched, touching
Tou Ching / penetrate eye:

Face tattooed in dark semen, sesamum,
Numatischeer signal through crystal thorn.
Surprised quiet ornament.

Bright hydrocarbons pour
From the cut throat. (the idiot stirs

Gathers its impenetrable supplement
Pure Frontier

Gentle quarreling lenses, part sluice, part reflector

All these standing waves contend
And compete to the unity touching

In the well of changes no boundary of stasis persists
Upon the vertical

What loosed is moved
As angels in golden pelvis bone helmets rise clothed in mirrored buboes

Each circuit reannoints
A thick and simple cascade
Illusioned before all connecting

Joining bucket brigade with old master
Pouring coins
Where helix house founds its narrow fame
Helpers to encrust the qua

With incensed political surgeons
the disordered cells of its tongue-brain

by syncopial averages
think savages to capture what is most

ague’s age for embedded spruta,
[Branchade apposite ichor'd]:

to the psychological physis of poem
succoruckus its own government of anarchy
coral ad hominem sprichtgekultenwollen
folly's toon

as the social is every dust of sky
whose id ought be an eyeball building
whose iris clock is balcony psyklopf;
for what is myth
but p-u-n-k-t-u-a-t-i-o-n?

a rule laid angled
twixt interogretive and interogletive
as the glue of abpulsion...
the genius of indestructable lacunabula.