Friday, March 23, 2012

opaque green monocle before the teevee snow

the anteater's snout ran on
and on and on
are parking lot attendants

for the first time in my life
i see everything
i need
will fit in a shoe
the size of the matterhorn

this high hole cavern perch
where my monorail slides in
has a natural stone aerie
like a silo of books

and condor man will visit
he is a grey felt pouch
in a vast plane scattered
with mountain sized blue cubes

everywhere is delicious
to someone

a mind
is an address
for some x pschology

its sucks
working in a canned air

but dirty computers
are a drag I guess

let's stay in touch on the internet
or not
your choice

i'm stupefied taxidermy here
awaiting further sentencing