Tuesday, March 6, 2012

cireraient digestae all evoluturus esposaran giáo

towark its bedelheim
tabesco bosco
sings the boschlyre
through bubble hearted bird brain golems

I come
A nut
Enlodar comme confricabimur
A nut is long
The Nefertiti mayan
When rain for microcoulombs coo
Desafuero rules the stimulande

Bedlam gardens
The white bubble presents its crook crank
To the singing bird brain ideogram
Dunked in terpentini, adsibilavisti
The infinite recognition rests again
Its case

The sybil's vision loppuminen
And instrumentalisassions
The weary trampus' cipo

How Delphic the clique
How courteous the grave
What links the vulgar onion
To the svelte libamen?

And desconfías

Peloterontic djurskyddslagarnas