Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Buntai Humanitzo

Sweet camera
Nozzle home position has altered
Gordon Bottomley writing ‘Atlantis’
Strange ape with luminous nacreous
Replicating eye shells extruding unconnected
A projection before representation’s lantern

Palms painted red
Placed together find a sheet
The character’s name somehow means
Smearing ink
Into a bubble
Where the captive druid amassing strange thoughtforms
Wirlds a faint zbȍr (no dread change)

Comely relations spread to all nations
Before the thought of representations
Gordon Bottomley writing 'A Vision of Giorgione'
Strange fetal ape hovering within the fountain
Of flies
Oceano indigo
Comely apian screen

Chambers of Imagery
Are washed of their sturdy products
Conquistadores in jade armor
Mutate into alien and mechanical amulets
Board svelt organic sea-going beings
Propelled by single huge luminous organic orbs
The throat sac
Where fragile and silent anomalies convey
The string which loops into Ariadne's throat wombed

A spine of moss-covered vertebrae hovers
In the fountain of butterflies
At the center of jade mandala labyrinth
Whose walls are curving sections of jade relief
Held in enamelled copper frames
Gordon Bottomley writes 'The Gate of Smaragdus'
Before a single burning eye of humming lavender fluid
Its flame is tranquility
Its heat is abstract softness

A beautiful woman's face is covered by a crimson starfish
As Venus, her golden clamshell hovers in the fountain
Of tessellating puzzle dove lightning
Her tubule hair says
Printing Syringa
Parting masses

Quiet. 1989.
Personal tragedy before the weird bubble
The empty cartoon gloves which lift it
O'er all
Night for poppies
March kite
Glass skull full of seawater

The husband and wife team educators
Take their tank tread garlands of déngen
To George Bottomley
The lasting page, sincererò
Cryptomonad google doppelganger
Caloric and undivided bodies
Harnessed to the ectaras terrene
/effractura/ wanton
The pock marked effigy lusts
To wander

upper image by Charles Ricketts
lower image of Gordon Bottomley by Howard Coster