Wednesday, March 14, 2012

GREEN WOUND CONTRACT (umbilical castration documents)

inner occultations
from unknown constellations
its ray to return in despair

home womb
bed placenta cave khidr
herding ghosts before the gaze
of the great Baal
the placental cave khidr's other propling
but dressed up this time
as some stygian owl

the night self all mirror
if life all one what universe
is to placenta

since silent
we miscreant
toss off whole
graven emptiness

our scuttlers demand
woolen gloves
for lumpy clay suns

the monkey clutches
the strange and alien doll
the monkey whose forehead is tattooed
with the name CYBORG KORAN
githkinn'd upon the white nail suppository
of its omphalodicy (two cults mingling
in the navel (one




whose authority resists this?

Artaud, the umbilical hero
who resists castration,
and whose language
becomes monstrous
and thus occulting

doubt, the secret occultation
as the ray is granular

language such weakness
as anyone might say
is but a contract between

sitting in their briarbox companion's
placental theatre
as womb curdling aleatorical tragaediles

budding alluvial
we are such rows
of barnacles

barnacle societies
PCP boat (black grassed contemporary omen-stir
I am the hidden Imam (acid vats convey our historicity's coven war of castrato cults
I am the plain wooden revel rose
or helix meandering boomerang launching


and at first the jointed articulated wooden snake arrows wobble
but then their magnets roil from formal insides
and the arrows

snap straight
and off they go

to the omphal-ohm

that halo of the unknown
but does the unknown wear a halo?

aloha! (Scots greetings from our island of placental trash)

inner occultations
from unknown constellations
its ray to return in despair

[streets are putative]:

Well, Pankas Fanjan, here you are
veening the tub with tree fringed eye kohl
upstarting the melting mirror of ret-run,
mad Mahdi to a retarderator, a mechanical
libation companion. Dead Daedalus would be proud,

and I am proud,
for silence is proud,
and its name well-known

unearthly clods
clang in the yellow eternities

we are angel's dust
in the knobby night
of Unction

(that miniscule chest letter
(of super-heroic days (or yesterdays my friend
removal's irroni

F (rend)

Hún hrinti mér!
An elder germination pushed me out to sea (see)..

and the honey of beasts
confounds the nations of Jūnxī;

(a dove peeks in at me through the window)
who knows what it sees...