Tuesday, March 27, 2012


For its muse was a fuchsine rose...


To clear up any remaining ambiguity between the figures [there]
is an inscription that reads: "abominable Tartars eating human flesh".
It was / was first made by the student Reh-lin Chen from Pennsylvania.
In this valley was the temple and idol of Moloch (Chaco);
its smooth, ablaze tooth credible, [it] added [...] advancing to
Expansive and too little Contractive-system-to
assume explicitly that Uljaytu would help them
in extirpating what they describe as
warm plains, where they find such soulful solaces...

All helix of lepus fetus
Impersonations of Abominable Snowmen [IAS]
[to Stefan and the other crook] will combine
On the hopeful gantry as
Sound amplification by stimulated emission of raciation, or SASER
To clear up any remaining ambiguity between the figures,
the medium where the amplification takes place --
consists of stacks (or a superlattice) of thin layers of
epitaxial crystal which together form "quantum wells."

The gardens have many statues and small temples:
other holy figures as bizarre moisture condensations:
Alison Lapper in Hadrian's Villa (Tartars in a Ring of Rabbits),
carved metates hide the Costa Rican stone balls /which/
mutates all former samples of being into its being;
transgression as non-differentiation, radical nihilism
as enlightenment (or darkness) [Blakean Tartar Control}.
Trees part magically to admit visitors to the garden
Of television: lay your hands on svelte glass odalisques
Whose curved body screens cux such noyse as oimint...

ABOO! On the hopefuyl gauntry / has / have
The Ocarina police at code violet
Ceramic lilies, hovering sky reservoirs in which
The winds bathe as panthers full of holes
Boy logic upholstery, SASER / SARACEN
Or superlattice of epitaxis
Isaac Newton to Mesmer in the tree of lasers-
Involucrum upon a stoic blossom, the tomb
Of Saint Medard was a mesmeric tub, Seneca
To seneschal (sinister calculations abound unbound);
Frankenmyrrh and sense:
The world is full of invisible ghosts (communicative agentes)
Available through technical portals, but not as effect,
But rather, perfection, the seeming dribble (double)
From a lightbulb in a closet...
She twirls in a chair, remembering the death
Of Pilatre de Rozier, his Montgolfiere-Charliere
Aflame and crashed this June 15, 1785
In an attempt to cross the English Channel..
I cried in the desert (Marat)
As the youth went wan to politics
Instead of engaging the juggernaut of physics (once
this was anon or not-knot-say Sphere-Sur le feu
among its Tartars: Atlantis, Anulios, the Moon, the Zoostat,
Hanbledzoin, Inklianzanikshanas, Okidanokh,
The able wand, and the thinking will of condensations-
Blogging History: Lanny Quarles (Tartaric Comp-Pound)
Following the intrusion paradigm, where an outside entity intrudes
L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E to generate an illness, while the new method
of healing a subject by accessing the unconscious
is described as the alternate consciousness paradigm
[utter rubbish]

ABOO! THE MINT! (indifferentiates)
Tiles of magnetic sleep (would) allow the laminar flow
Of coincidence: Think deeply upon this, Its bored
constituency as avarice in dullards...

O ABOO! For example, in 1847, George Bush in his book
Mesmer and Swedenborg, said: "Everyone is surrounded
by an invisible aura or atmosphere, which is constantly
exhaling from his person and spreading to some distance
on every side, and bearing to him somewhat the same relation
that the aerial atmosphere does to the earth." To clear up
any remaining ambiguity between the figures //
911 means NO MONSTERS, or Nine Monsters, nothing
monstrous, (but rather) Numinous.. *when the cocke in the
northe has bylde his nest // Timur mortis contartar me,
this is my song of old phage:

Bean Mister, lemme dress,
For my sick tenure intends
All these dry volunteers
Are joking about manure,
Their satchels of trunchions
Smeared with ointnermints...

The fadyr of pytte and most of mysterichord:
Earth is the vision of Philibert(ina) the Hermit,
Giving a conversation between the soul and body,
At the end of the Danse Macabre. Augustus
shall treat the Moors With love and kindness,
see his naked daughter / fuck-sign /
Doing it with them on pay-television.
Analysand des-eret the pin-klings pain-ted
purblind, the nil-blur'd rupture...


For its muse was a fuchsine rose...