Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cave Face Suffer Vacuum

Das Lebendge will ich preisen,
Das nach Flammentod sich sehnet.

and its face fence topples ont
and hug the modem shrug shrubbed
countenance car no clue further
but belt

pass judgement on the specie
fie! wild bore
face door
its howdy doody lost dummy
swimming pool

from plunes to planudes
this anthology of Cephaloid
moon raker coal king
field face

replace the jaw
replace the face
the pilot insane
run all over the place
what world level feat feat
in basilisk incomparable immortals body
for body

for body in communion
to a face with computer
"I've lost my face."
recovering dread spiral
the cyclops minotaur
faces a mirrored door
let its spider to sew a speaker

any range of effective motion convey
with collective apostrophe convey
a technical combinatorial miracle convey
conspire to quiet a myth basin
where sunbathers reach the rim
a bubbling

face its earthen ist
no total wave ensure
a door ajar
will frame its destiny
light bent over wide
come lovingly
the rib-cage races along the geyser
and catch it with a wooden hook
with horns of silver

sleep page
tongue from the shell
conch face
furs those absolute leases

it tends a flame
the holy face an angel
somewhere activating a stone
keyboard of foam
monitor of mass disturbances

i like this
we like you
then further
rogue species
the irrus beggar
to reach out to the old man's shoe
Penelope put herself up
into the mechanical pupal bull

live aware
its face in shadows remain
a fenced domain
come gingerly into the oven
the witch would heal
your blasphemy
to skin

if its body would wind about the aegis
of a final obsession
let caress
any old image before the tree
now the satyr and the nereid
cream the cell
for a high gray blue

its silver cave again
where the candle
if fountain form
or moth's head
antenna labyrinth

face cave vacuum suffering
why have you never found me
here in Ephesus with the dreamers
I am Dhu'l-Qarneyn and the door
in the wall is the mantis interpreted
a sun spins a sun spins
and the axle has no substance

a lady is asking me a question
floor 36
room 9A