Tuesday, March 6, 2012

hululasse on bounty's flambeeing fraudemini

Ageru oh fine Comstock flament
For when sweet kigai milks the hearth
Of summer's swingtime all hollow curse the waves
Waves are lovely only in walls
So inspectarant

Liquid cave pillow nomenclatter
Bleak Neanderthal cranio-extension
Toward subtle tennis green
An overcark
A knitted kraken
A cuckold wearing horns of solar masses

They thin the fire
But the fire still renders them
To ash
In a cursive plainsong

Vindictively they swim
The chorchy hyle
Mewing the assembrai
And filching the anodizzò

King Chulear
Real and ooching honward
Confest its palparentur
To nykomlingarnetted windows

Jeweled window frames
Make all swingtime
A withand to hollow waves
And praeterfluxisset
A colourfulness
Unbound to paranoisias
Unleashed by semiotic