Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How To Get Here

tricorn associates come outside
chicken with a boner
and cookie monster tie

the chitin of grasshoppers
is in the shape of a caffeine molecule

Eduard Pistorius paints DER GEIGENSPIELER
while trapped inside a monster snake head drawing:
"scholle connector 1900"

There's stuff about massaging roman juggs
nerve entrapment and the diogenes method
daniel richter gets bad hot wings

Like Ezekiel you may need "master wheel"
or Koons' jelly bean replaced by coral
in an elaborate chemical ritual involving
a deconstructivist canopy and
el expositores ala frisky

Is coral the former alluvial of grass patterns?
Will a jester with a bicycle and an odalisque with an owl
get you here? Yarrow stalks are cast
into an abstract comic smoking a pirate head pipe.
This is how to get here.