Monday, March 5, 2012

Lao Tzu's Indifferent Cunt

asleep in Pomerania
as the story goes
and the ships set crossways
in the narrow canals
like bridges
sleezy films or phillums
as the Tibetans say

time out
for beast bettin's

As Lao Tzu, Old Child,
I leave the warm womb of my marriage each night
to study the Tao.

I see a Pomeranian dog
ride a bull.

I see a two-faced cunt
riding a cellphone barebacked, some
old green thumbs dangling on a chain
like piglets from a pickling jar.

I see the whole roggabogga forcefield
from this leopard orchid winnebago laptop latte' hottub earring
of Silesia

hot onion rings
for hula hoops

the whole stochastic stoa chasm
storing chaste and sticky oats
(The Original Monte Carlo Tennis Weekend)

cloning Frederick the Great for chamber chess pieces
under a tree with a spherical trunk (peep peep zip toe(
aaa--sa -p-m-- >-- -r -ro- -- h- -sncu
ssnn--s ooae-o s o  -  ---  r oo h-T-n
- d ke  mebrmr  -  sd sddk so -r eohod
e- -ee- bm-ae  Fes ee e- e em     rene
eh-h zh   -n b aa- e  eng  e  oh w- -r
pehebye   auoe o<u  a  grp  - nu hnOn
  e r      sua  ed a  a e- -h -- ogrga
-s n--T     -s T y  b  aeg h- oa - -
n-sad--      - z-  Pu - n- es n  ecg7-
 ohrg-b        uh- o- wc e     h  h-rr
Pr-reme      b .eh m- oe-- w- ro sanee
oyposs-      e   e e' |-hs he -o -sade
m sw  a      - Ow  r  --u  oo np o--e
eg   on      - -aT a  apm- -p gs ce rw
rosc rs      - dra n  chbr ea s  h 3--
aeea         n  mo -  eoso  r    aaoc-
ns-n ps      ` C ' a  dn m rd    snnkh
-  a ha      s hw  n   ed  o     -d-
a c- -y        -o     c aa go    - e-a
  rs -         -m  d  ubn  gr    cs h
  o  -         db  o  nagp ac     -Ces
  s  u         .   g  -r-- bh    s-a p
  s  m          o      e-c o-    -crGh
  w  s          -      bnk gd    ok-re
  a                    ag- g     ayoer
  y             m      c - aw       a-
  s             y      kon  -    coT-c
                       eng -n    hae a
    ____               d   on    a-n--
 _ | __                .a- re    ssno
  \| ||           y + z  a cb    m -r-
--------- * x  + 2     scr ea      s r
    5        i         oh' -g       cu
                a      ma  -o      Ehn
                g      e-  e       eak
                e       n  --      em
                           da      kbn
                e           p      eep
                a           -      nre
                c           o      d e
                h           p      "cp
                n           -       ep
                -           a       se
                g           -       se
                h           -        p
                -           e       p
                            `       -z
                            h       cp
                            o       e
                            -       s-
                            -        o
                            u        e
                            b        n


top image: two-faced cunt by Jake and Dinos Chapman.
bottom image: promotional image for the noise hippies (a band I reckon).