Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Joke About An LA Movie Director's Private Life (in film) with Political Overtones.

50 shades
of Spalding Gray, Steven Soderbergh
actually met an alien
on a dark country road
in Lichtenstein

it was female
part in a pouch with
male such bright antenna
the camera he entangled
our flower sweat gland sudden
transparent door upon the waters
yards of pale freckled flesh
the space time orchid
how mane the
row of delicate sensor bubbles
his mind like a silver explosion
of opening and closing orifices
each neuronal connection
now part of the unity
he called "final eros"

But it couldn't quite Toga
that Novel in the road
it would stand at attention
Spalding gay her shadow

drowned in English countryside
the purple light from the cave
the feral miners
in their rubber mind control prosthesis
Steven standing up

the applause
the long deafening applause
and touching his glasses
opening his mouth the pink-grey
neuronal light
Donald Sutherland at the end
of Invasion of the Body Snatchers

"body snatch"

each of their heads
floop to become
a pink gelatin nipple computer
oozing nanobot invitations

to an "Orgy in Lichtenstein"
a joke about light
in German
from an alien.