Thursday, March 29, 2012



t)here will be life

and thinking of the dragon tree
as something alive deep in the earth
turned purple and crystalline
where darkness and cold
replaced the warmth
with eerie effulgency

a detailed map of the interior
in furs
raised up in a parod y
of the tent as topoly
the cheap science fiction continents
of a stage
some lost celtic berber inside
vyingeiwth a mongol witch
for access to a mean stew

set foreground to
aloof in the cave
some transfigured cochlea
inset with nacreous fauns
brandishing their skinless clue
to the lyre-headed viewer
dropped down on a chaine
into the quantum well
of inky chango

face fisted
by hoar brute landscop
to point
where its swollen blue eyes
replace the microscope
to a blue metal dirstorp

mineral bubo
or owl metalled stone
its brain menhir thrown
and like ice on the floor it shatters

dove strings
to hiff

and the louvered crescent
where mechanical gills give intimations
of that dream tone (irrony
that like christ

Nemo himself
is word

in a svelte bubble
penetrating the ocean
and visionary
going nowhere
receiving all
the mask of gender
for an island
of noise and hoses


t)here will be life

upon the plains
of utility

that yoke
of amorphous mushrooms
running down the spine

a graothelem in the barq
of emptiness

ulm udd
lud mivool
what thud
the dim principle
canyon diablo
its helioseismic concasion

dawn of dog
rust colored feather
thing think snapping at itself
in ages