Monday, March 19, 2012

Mystery: For Stratorodlets Finxet (Brining Pumpkins to Reason)

Honeyed ether bicycle,
The frail transparent skeleton salesman of salt
In a pumpkin coloured egg, Pliny Historia

Wish-wooth ah-comma rod (grande Salish)
Feat fessin' gold intention's
In doubt and worry spread
Sprouts for green and yellow
Through the mask of wax-each
Grass hole pore for a string the platform now
A god mask it serves as a lift to stage hands

Hand stage
Boat hand
Heavy crystal bugle upon the transform
To metaplace

Boots of dog hide
Hound the ground
And truffle
In a ring

To a detective
Made to hover with a bladder

Where steep satyr rocks hetch a rickets of console consort
To still be a body to their stair

Staff clean agent (pulled from the equation and into transparent quorum time

What is energy in personality
The rock its old dispare for name
In repair

Reappraise each cliché', obsession, fixed idea
In terms of the pharmakon

Form an icon
Of a former time
But by no adhesive train the spoil
To the gathering fate's unstrung then

Strengthen frame
The window wheel
Its gasping sting take wing the gaze of water
The perilous unlocking
At force before the oracle
The wedding of Eureka and Ezekiel

Teaching finger's speed
The inlet health will black anvil repeat a row

Egg your torso
For furniture this mushroom presaged book
Dug clambering upon glaciers
Where purple holes led down into frozen libraries
Of bee lungs

Book lantern to explore the combinative daimon's
Howl its inverted pyramid
A bird store (green liquor, of hives / cups

This calculate
Above what all connections mirth
Unto spreedom (green pitch wicked up in a wish /
Contort corteggiamento
Sanguine tapirs (spoils of candles
For garlands they hide
In the white tunnel
Some-how and
Gain proffer to the sea
If bilge and ilm co-veil a Swedish soupçon

And give to grilles
As behind enormous metal snowflakes
Clever as mirrored conduit
A laser radiant orb (what point in self-enclosing surface enfract?)

A radial manifold [synfraction]
Which sings tone walled
Before the perfect repeating disorder/

(Aereorum confisticate:

How will ode water wash this thing
Unto the hush
Before the ides call more willing
A seizure

Sensitive mesh
Ardors soft sequence blade
[cum unwilling to the point]

Lulled by face prophetic lumens
Its past not fully told
Dabbed da, the eye, yes, its ink remains

Is the virgin a tiny head
Inside an enormous gem
Came thee Bethlehem
To the bored propaganda
Of triangles (to fight your others)

The L-shaped ship
For a puzzle bridge
Pillars of wit in taut complexion
Folgen ihrer Rosenspur
Mirror to the toad
Is this place only
That you lack any omen

If your fate is a name
Strengthen its frame
And let the gesture
Be open

For I have tried to replace the black cube
With a black sphere
Where the library jumps to the toes
Of no (it is a film with no hands)

Abrogliado (the pickled jack-o-lantern aslosh)