Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Breakfast in the Agora

There was a wookie dressed
As Joachim Murat
Placed before Poussin's
Landscape With Diogenes.

"It's a Dog's Life."

Just to show that poetic method
Can mimic the cynics.
A paradoxical embrace
Of contingency in the name
Of freedom from contingencies.

As an illustration
Of flea-words.

But wookies are natural dandies.
It is paranthropus who hides naked
In the tall grass like Pan.
It is Sasquatch who lives the spiritual life
Of the itinerant surf bum
Shagging betties by the bonfire.

At last
Something for the tongue:
In Naples the aples give their nipples
To nibble.

"Can I trouble you
For a cup of salad hands?"

A wookie can easily sit and watch
Betty Hutton in Panama Hattie,
or beg a cup of salad hands
From a statue of Alcibiades...

With long lasting power-pack,
It is C3PO finishes the cynic line.

Naked, and with no need of begging,
He breakfasts in the Agora
On "translation opportunities"..
Like Baudelaire, but beyond him,
C3PO has entered
"the pataphysical phase of dandyism"
As he is the embodiment not of
Aesthetics into a living religion,
But of a paradoxical heterogeneity
Composed of controversial determinations
Of life, aesthetics, and religion
Amalgamated into an instrumentalized
Prospoioumai, a little act
Of consummate flânerie.

C3PO can even be a philosopher:

The true is what is actual
in the way of molecular composition,
and abstractional tensegrity, ie,
the virtual as integral structurality
(molecular subjectivity).