Monday, March 19, 2012

Item: Would Brightens Poem


Item: it is he who responds strangely to the voice, for as its flute, he who ripples toward-

(would verlayes become the constant (seen (glass skin ( piano impressions

Item: verlayes as virleas as 'see le Rêve' as
'mer des songes' as 'shit songs' (bad omens[a]) as
'shi tsong'

Item: an inundation in the reign of Vu-Tsong, whose successor was Shi-Tsong, or Kya-Tsing,
Who repaired the great wall, and repulsed a Mongol inundation of sixty-thousand.

(would shi tsong become shī cōng (bright poesy) [contamination: Ardabīl]

Item: it is he who responds strangely to she, that brightens the poem, for as her flute,
He ripples toward-wood..

Would veering lays leer? And sleeping dogs lie/

/would (item( (:)

A horse-shaped window through which new scallions are seen.
A tinkling of jade pendants heard from within the chimney.
A hastily thrown spear lodges in the fir tree.

Item: To join as best we can _GASCOIGNES VOYAGE INTO HOLLANDE_ to Shi-Tsong
By the second name of Shin-Tsong, namely Van-Lye. In 1574, in the second year
Of Van-Lye's rule, an inundation of Mongols irrupted into Lyau-Tong, but were
Entirely routed.

What coinage to prefer the gas (of hearbes)?
What garden coffer to make of these green songs a history interwoven?

Is lucid dreaming become the constant scene? Sage
Would thee to the woodsman (would quiet tierlings
-if they in any open way would imitate the dead (as tactic for poem
Or light (in would

Item: Would she grant juice to the lion's rough silk xanthium? And,
Would the bedbug smeared across the wood as our own blood in quarrel
Return as thallium engraved with catfish and turtledove?

Would he lose? Would shih loose its garden from the wall?
A line stretches from known to unknown, and all things

Verlay upon the line.