Friday, March 30, 2012

Titanoboa Found Wound About A Pygmy Elephant in Għar Dalam...

Floem constellation recorder
Takes hand takes land
Phantom detective meets
The frozen swimmer a gem
In a setting of coral

Floem carousel
Great and fleeting will
Devonian thunder head
Pause / pause
Horsetail then morse sail
Code coral caption

Floem Rudyard
Jungle book
Phantom detective cupule birth
Martian ice cave
A huddled greenhair
Awakes toward
The catacombed cactoid ourobouri

Floem mandala carapace
Pith handsome
All pteropsiddha glimmer
We wait in warm exile
Before the cunningland
Vascular quill hans
Its member fed on pollen

Old floem casa
Red xylem school
The phantom detective rules
Over prosperous nautiloid verses
Everywhere sub-cortical icons
Prospect the embedded damage

Strange continent
Arborescent lycopsid loom fort idiom
Tantalum of silverfish
Allows sophistication
Devonian tabulate
The left hand of phantom detective
Agent taxa tap into stylets