Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Broken Prionite

reading slowly, quietly, the intervariegations forming between Steve McCaffery's SEEN PAGES MSSNG: VOLUME ONE and Nathalie Sarraute's THE GOLDEN FRUITS, then finding all the photographic pages from a copy of Wilfred Thesiger's THE MARSH ARABS tucked neatly inside the front cover of Kenward Elmslie's MOTOR DISTURBANCE while my wife reads from Richard E. Strassberg's A CHINESE BESTIARY, Strange Creatures from the Guideways through Mountains and Seas which I begin to find intervariegating with a long article from a 1963 issue of TRUE magazine on the latest cars, where each car is given a picture, and a short description. The same, somewhat ridiculous conceptual charm is present in both. It is also a similar charm, or lack of charm, as charm, which exists in the individual phrases which make up the Panopticon section of SEEN PAGES MSSNG which was originally a library book and has its cover heavily laminated so that the call number cannot be removed from the spine; 811.54 / MCCA / v.1, and the
fact that 8-1-1+5-4 = VII.