Saturday, June 2, 2012

Short Faded Grass Around the Aureola

push by push by push
by push
and where the roadrunner
passes through coyote pass
there Genaro rumbleth

Dawn (take ye canyons unto island's head

Prynne falls
where he spied Moriarty
riding upon a motley bubalus
ears cupped close
as the thrall of hibiscus
its cone-snail harpoon
to the perineum eardrum
canopied o'er the procession
sure locks must bleed
balloon key
lofting the eldery larva

Moriarty the kid puppet overseer
to shake hands with Dr. Moreau
their mirrored bulb helmets flashing
in the dense thickets
as we hide in this armored

before moving on
to the series of red pools
where the raccoon centipede
puts Prynne to siphon

big human hands
cut from sponges
come crimson
from the pools

all the mask
is slither
to areola