Wednesday, June 6, 2012

False Start. Teknossos renamed Farth.

I wasn't aware of just how the Constructed Perspective Technology would work, or rather, would feel, once submerged, and early on, I guess I almost turned it off by accident. The thing is, now that I have turned it off, I guess its safe to say there's no perfect way to implement such a thing, and that all the preliminary training is absolutely essential, due to psychic shock, and in an ironic way, dis-orientation.

It's basically tourist software for neural bureaucrats, so it had to be tested, but actually, the real tourism on Farth, is closer to actual adventure, and could be pretty dangerous without the proper engineering controls.

The first time I noticed something odd, and it wasn't like I was parading as a lizard woman, some reptilian version of Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra atop an ornamental ceremonial barque pulled by dark translucent humanoid centipedes. I wasn't involved with anything like that. I wasn't hurtling through one of the cyclone assemblage cities where the buildings build themselves randomly around you. I was in a pretty boring old Earth style beach resort having some pepper bacon and drinking orange juice, some coffee, and reading.

The programming works by moment to moment micro-treaty with the demiurgic translator api available
everywhere on Farth due to the nature of its continuous sub-quantum circuitry. Without treaties, as a tourist, you are forced to deal face-first with the caprice of a pervasive trans-materialistic personality. And believe me, it is a fairly odd experience.

The on / off switch has a complex interlocking memic control shell which uses memory and figure conditioning, and the interlocks are both internal and external to an extent. You can break off the visa. You have to be able to, though in retrospect, I suppose something like a banal flight back home, and a pre-programmed narrative, would work, but in terms of citizen safety, there might be some need for actual manual controls. And treaty is more like a technical term. Farth is not a murderer, but materially, it can be incredibly pernicious, and really, devious.

The toggle point I discovered while reading, and I should have foreseen this, was a newspaper article about old Hawaii which mentioned Keanu Reeves, along with other tropical personalities from old Earth, however fictional the article might have been.. I kind of stopped reading when I saw the word Keanu, and started to unconsciously play with it, day-dreaming: "keen you" "queen you" "key anus" "key a nous" "nookie" "nokia" "new key". And it was right at that moment when one of the determination shells slid open revealing a 9 digit keypad in my mind, which was quite an odd sensation, but at the same time, a beautiful woman appeared sitting next to me, "Do you mind if I sit here with you?" Unknown to me, this was an external treatise control, or engineering control avatar, an ambassador from Farth.