Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Izuku wa aredo (Ungo's shack)

Winfried Denk of the Max Planck
Institute Flerovium (Fl) and
Livermorium (Lv)

Katami to te
Hono fumi wakeshi

Chronic Research Unit
Deepwater Horizon
Yvonne Rainer
Documenta 11

Fukushima disaster
cloud prospects
for R&D
A Byzantine Place 
"The Internet of Things"
"mass gathering health"

Concede a blink
by rushing into action, ILCs
might bridge the gap
between the always-on
innate defenses and the
adaptive response

Horizon 2020 research program
The speedy digging strategy
of a humble clam may help
underwater robots stay parked
over the sea floor

Golden Dawn 
"What could B. Wurtz?"

set in a society
Elfriede's husband

Allison Macfarlane
Square Kilometre Array (SKA)
Geissenklösterle (GALEX)
type Ia supernovae
He says balsam in

missing terms
—"baryonic matter,"
mostly iron core,
with a thin veneer of rock
skewed magnetic field
the freakish diversity of worlds
starts much closer to home
assume vivid astro focus

Simon Starling
"The Man of the the Crowd"
As a child Edgar Allan Poe
visiting London w/ Harry Lime
Buckingham to Archive:
Suite Venitienne
Ornery B.

walking in a thick fog near a cliff.

On Val's planet,
The lightweight
exploding stone
is honeycombed
by an apid like

Exploding honeycomb
breastplates slathered
in hallucinogenesis:

Haru no yo no
Yume no ukihashi
Todae shite
Mine ni wakaruru
Yokogumo no sora

For the better part of a century,
solar physicists have been mystified
by the sun's ability to reheat its corona.
Merleau-Ponty, Alan Sondheim,

Kerry James Marshall.
(no period)
a project to drill into the heart

of a "supervolcano"
in southern Italy
got the go-ahead
Un che piango, 
slop over slop

over Slothrop
demonstrating that the planet
has been producing its own
organic matter for eons
 with no help from life

We evolved to thrive
on coarse seeds, nuts,
tubers, fruit, and meat.
Toba Khedoori
You have been evil
and blue green

When all philosophy I resolve in this one act,
I may stride the leviathan seas
and they will not hold me!
Shifting from a four-legged
support system to a two-legged
one put extra stress on the legs
and vertebrae. A brief tour
of the body reveals a number
of design flaws. Ian Wallace.

Yesterday, I "caust" two
CHAR truce~ cater-pillARS
and put them in dem L shape**
up ide TAO (s)
"real materials in real space"
(saw bird eat them as well)

9. It looks like:

Because the cell is the basic unit of biology, researchers are increasingly trying to isolate, study, and compare them individually. At the meeting, four groups described new insights into how genomes generate diversity and what makes specific tumors resistant to treatment—all derived from sequencing DNA from individual human cells. Their reports sparked a lot of excitement about the potential of single-cell sequencing.

high-density lipoproteins
at the Serpentine Gallery
Tim Case 1984...
Onward "time waves"
University Viadrina
three species of Heliconius
Science Translational Medicine
no zen
Maria Del Bosco
Laughed; and plunging down
Eight Student Nurses.

Eighth International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East
Peter Seeberger
the British government has enlisted the help of Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales

Deep inside
a mountain cave in
Dachstein, Austria,

an international team
of researchers showed off
a new suit that simulates
the challenges

that await
human visitors
to Barsoom.
Helga Matura.

Annette Schavan.
Adlène Hicheur.

Infants' Flexible Heads Go Back Millions of Years

Late-Stage Grad Students Want Nonacademic Careers
The Fluid Mechanics of Walking With Coffee
Time. Causality. Hobo.

Europe is setting its sights on a solo run to Jupiter.
"I was invited to do a piece in the foyer of the Utah Museum
by the director, E.F. Sanguinetti."

Ocotper EL
(Chirst's Bruden)

 Chestnut Eats Horse
The next transit isn't until 2117.


Around the world, just a few ancient forests are known to have been preserved under ash. The Wuda tuff flora—the first discovered in Asia—is remarkably accessible and thick and contains a puzzling group of extinct fernlike plants. Protecting the remaining tuff bed long enough to study it will be no small feat, however. The region's economy depends on coal. Mining has already claimed parts of the fossilized forest, while excavations to extinguish coal-seam fires have destroyed other swaths.

Mobile Ballast Water Treatment Test Platform

Who wages war with a dark brown gift
surely knows the average weight 
of an average coccolithophore.

Her is socks
were of deerskin.

"When seeking to call attention to any troubling issue, one key maxim to consider is that of the physician: 'first, do no harm.' 

** Eva Lake