Thursday, June 14, 2012

Junk Scratch Elevated to Junk Scratch

helix noble grandee duck
the purtiest fed huckum doon
whatever cracked tire hyssed hyre
or bedded loon deen weed or ball

ball curtsy
ball tribe tapestry repute
and gum bled murk tree

kid flip sup
din wate ottle tode
the breakers fleece skinny long
the lid brack pupe all ini tweed max
mumpklin kid
baking pale tangled roots by a purple angry sea
by wan a northern dune
that skid trote the globe flame
and arms elan were whipslash stetty

on the face of it
the intranslational gauze where parroty
the idiom begs
path to kiss its herald
and trote the kid in a round candle

then bath
and skeg's ice barrel dogs
their shivering haunches
not that pickled turtle
put up to a cold statue head of
kings a grub-like puppy
whose wrinkles are where we bed
our peppered sprinklers
the clipped mangers
for charging green mistivals

dim in the alley
for galley swooned a pie
its head spirit loftier
a theft's golden locket
the spit encased by narrowed
flower slits the arrows rung out
bells to the scrawny tendons
fed on blackest kiry drot

arrow flower bells
their feather gherkin behind
tiny sun a frog

we dots accept this
the ice barrel cluster hives
the weep of the poison honey
its changing thighs misread
to tuck
letters under sweet rust
this turtle i've kept for kid

chucked and tucked
its extra chin feeler
and said now kinfolk
take up your unwieldy
gherkin sled
and be off
in Santa's old clothes

solid sky blue cubes at sea
to navigate around
these the columns
that lift the singing engine of not, of foot
frond faced the weird singing dinners
mangled iron cave holes we fought at
with our slapping briskets and jewelry
of screeching toads
heads up

heads pushed through ob'n phillets
wot skeet th' trit up poles

ther' skoot poles
trued by yackets
their rail blood buddit
and wheels at the knees
for banging bright flowers
their hot spewing glass
to trap the undulating fluxfax wall
and dig out the valuable
eyes as boxes
for their dirty gowns
gummed and wizened

standing dumb
before its grudy bubbling
throat sac